Before I left for Bali I had lots of different expectations and lots of different images in my head. I prepared myself not to expect too much, because perfect photos on the internet can often lead to disappointment in real life. But Bali was everything I wished for and much more.😍  My trip lasted for almost three weeks, and as I didn’t rush trough anything, so there are still so many things on my wish list that will have to wait for the next time. And there definitely will be a next time! 😉  I started my journey in Kuta, which amazed me at first, but at the end of the trip became my least favourite place on Bali, continued my trip to Ubud, and then left Bali for a few days to explore Gili Islands. After Gili islands it was time for Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Cenigan and Nusa Penida, the part I knew from the start it would be my favourite. It turned out I was right and that’s why these three gorgeous islands will get a special post on their own.🌴  There is so many thing’s that I enjoyed, that I don’t even know where to start or how to narrow the list down to only 10 spots. From crazy scooter rides on the left side, which we by the way survived without a scratch (I’m the best scooter driver ever haha) to gorgeous sunsets, delicious smoothie bowls, long and cheap massages and delicious Mie Goreng in local Warungs. I could make a really long list of favourites, but here are the 10 spots that amazed me the most:


Suka Espresso is located in a laid back Uluwatu, and is THE place for Coffee lovers. It opened about a year ago, and they offer a wide range of delicious and Instagram worthy food. We stoped there for a break twice, and both times ate the best food ever. I tried Mango madness fruit bowl which I’m still dreaming about right now, and Chicken pesto sandwich. Both sooo sooo good! It’s a good place to get a quick bite, and I loved it so much that on my last day in Bali I spent 45 min scooter ride in the rain, just to get to this place for one last time.


I’ve seen about million posts of Tegalalang terraces on Instagram, but was still speachless when we arrived there. Luckily it just stopped raining, so we could walk around, take lots of photos and try some fresh fruit and coconuts of course.  There was no entrance fee, so you can just walk around freely, explore and enjoy the green atmosphere.


After a few days of exploring Ubud, we wanted to take half day off and just relax. And since our bungalows had a really small pool, we went to check out Folk pool and gardens. It’s a perfect spot for a lazy afternoon and the venue is really on point. The place gets even prettier in the evening with all of the lights on, so charming. Here we drank the best lychee iced tea ever, and I had an amazing dragonfruit smoothie bowl. These little stops in different pool and beach clubs were just a perfect way to chill out in between exploring the island.


For us, finding a big swing in Bali was a must. We had a plan to go to a Bali swing that you can find everywhere on the internet, but at the end we ended up in Luwak Coffee Plantation that also had two big swings. The price was much lower than on the other one, but the view was equally amazing. We just found it on our way from Tegalalang terraces, and stopped to check it out. There was not a lot of people but we decided to wait for the rain to stop, and when it was still raining after one hour and a half, we just went swinging in the rain. They strap you on real good, so everything feels pretty safe.


We only read good things about Mason Elephant park, and since they are supposed to take good care of the Elephants we decided to go. I didn’t know what to expect, but I really hoped we would be able to hug them. When we arrived we walked to the most friendly 4 year old elephant girl and we were able to feed and hug her, and take as many photos with her as we liked. BEST THING EVER! Elephants are such a magnificent animals, and so sweet! They also have a spa and sleeping lodges there, so you can spend your holidays with the Elephants. Imagine waking up and there are Elephants walking around in front of your lodge! 🐘


After a rainy day adventure on the swing we went to Sari Organic for a quick lunch. We just typed Sari Organic in to Google Maps, because we were to hungry to do any research on Ubud restaurants, and that was the only name I had in my head. When we came to a really small road it started to look like we got lost and already thought we made a huge mistake not doing any research, but at the end we realised that we found the most peaceful area to grab lunch. Green fields everywhere, and not much people. A very nice change from noisy Kuta.


On the days that we decided to relaxed a bit, we visited a few beach clubs to just hang out and tan a bit. For me The Lawn was hands down the best one we visited.🌴   It’s located In Canggu (also love this area in general) just by the beach and it has a really good vibe. It’s not so big, and when we visited it was not very crowded. You can choose to take a sun bed, or just lay down on the grass. The food was great, and they even have a bar in the pool! How cool is that?


This one is definitely a must do, and also the thing I returned back to see it again at the end of my trip. Just before the sunset, bars on the Double Six beach bring out this colourful bean bags and umbrellas and lot’s of people gather to see the sunset. First we walked there by the beach (mostly because I gave the wrong address to the driver) and were rewarded by a beautiful sunset and delicious watermelon juice when we reached La Plancha. They set up the music, and the atmosphere is really great. Perfect end of the day!🌅


I know Gili island are really a part of nearby Lombok, but it takes only a 1,5h boat trip from Bali to this little paradise. So if you’re visiting Bali I really recommend you to visit Gili Island for a few days. We stayed two nights on Gili Trawangan and one night on Gili Air. Of those two I liked Gili Air much more, because the beaches are waay nicer and the whole place has more relaxed vibe. Since we stayed only one night, we couldn’t arrange snorkeling trip with a boat, but we were still determined to see the turtles. We rented snorkeling equipment and swam by the shore until we found one! I drank a fair portion of sea water in the process, almost drowned twice haha, but it was worth it!


Last day was all about finding the best beach possible in the area of Nusa Dua, and from all the beaches I visited on Bali Melasti beach is definitely a winner. Nice sand, enough water to swim, very little people cosy bean bags and umbrellas to chill and hide from the sun. I really needed shade this day because I was sun burnt a bit, so it was hard for me to stay in the sun for too long. Perfect end of my holidays!

I hope you liked the post! Tell me your thoughts in comments. Should I make more posts like this one?





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  1. November 28, 2017 / 11:56 am

    Ahhh Bali vedno znova navduši <3 Super, da si se imela nepozabno!

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