1. I live in the same town for my whole life, and I still feel blessed that I live here! It’s the most gorgeous place on earth

2. The most important factor when buying a new working desk was that It will be good for instagram photos:D

3. I can be very lazy sometimes and I can spent whole day in bed watching my favorite series and not feeling guilty about it!

4. I am a competitive squash player.

5. I hate wearing high heels, so I’m really happy that there are so many trendy flats available.

6. I don’t feel bad if I go out without make up

7. Right now my biggest project is to learn more about photography, so I can improve my blog photos.

8. I could live in black outfits

9.I am a media and communications student.

10.  My all time favorite movie is Pride and prejudice! I’ve seen it hundreds of times


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