I can easily say that Cuba was one of the best trips in my life. It’s so much more than just paradise beaches. We fell in love with kind people, salsa, street music, ropa vieja, old cars and beautiful nature. Life without constant internet connection was great, communicating in broken Spanish and sign language was fun and dancing the night away in a local cave was just brilliant. We felt 100% safe during the whole trip, and walking home from parties in the middle of the night was just like walking in my home town. The attention on the streets didn’t feel intrusive and hearing how beautiful we are a few times a day was a really great ego boost.


Our trip started and end ended in Havana. At the beginning, we were still a bit lost, and we overpaid for most of the stuff, but when we returned at the end we haggled like a pros. Sightseeing, rooftop cocktails and delicious breakfast in our casa were just the start of our trip. Just one day before we had to return back home, we found a dance school La Casa del Son, and then spent the whole way back home crying (and that’s not far from the truth) because we didn’t have more days left to take even more lessons there!


๐Ÿ’‹ Dancing in Club Asturius

๐Ÿ’‹ Salsa lessons in La Casa del Son

๐Ÿ’‹ Old car tour (totally worth the money!!!)

๐Ÿ’‹ Fusterlandia

๐Ÿ’‹Ride with Coco taxi (totally overpaied it haha)

๐Ÿ’‹ Mojitos on the rooftop of hotel Parque


Another memorable location, that amazed us with its beautiful nature. I tried horseback riding for the first time, and my friends were amazed how talented I was! (Read: they almost died from laughing at me so hard). Our guide/cowboy made the tour unforgettable, and since we had to stop for mojitos a lot on the way, we prolonged the tour for about two hours haha! We took the afternoon tour and caught the sunset by the lake. I will always remember this moment.






We stopped at Playa Larga for one night, so we split a long ride from Vinales to Trinidad in two parts. We didn’t expect much from it, but when we arrived to our Casa, which was located right on the beach, we knew we made a good decision. It was a small town, but after we left, we saw lot’s of things we could do. Here we ate the best lobster and enjoyed our first mojitos on the beach! Dreamy!


Cienfuegos was the least interesting stop on our trip. We stayed there for three nights and saw most of it in one day. On the second day we wanted to take a boat trip, which was canceled, and then decided to go cigar shopping instead. We went to a cigar shop in the city center, since everyone warned us not to buy cigars on the streets. We spent these days just taking it slow.


You must visit Trinidad if you go to Cuba, I promise that it will not disappoint. We spent our first day at Playa Ancon that looked just like paradise, and spent the remaining two days exploring sugar cane plantations, went horseback riding to the beautiful waterfall and tried a local Zipline. Here we tried our first salsa lesson, that was taking place in the teacher’s living room and it was quite a funny experience. After the lessons we danced the night away in Rincon de la Salsa and the next night in disco Alaya that is located in a cave. Lot’s of cave parties for us!


We spent two nights in Varadero for heavenly beaches, but sadly we didn’t have the best weather. Beach was great, but that’s about it. If you’re thinking about skipping Varadero, do it! You can find even better beaches in Cuba. We decided to find the best spot on the beach with bar and cocktails, but that turned out to be a hard job since most of the beach is reserved for resorts! Because of that we spend almost half a day on a hop on hop off bus, that promises the best beach views, but it’s really just a bus that goes from one resort to another.


โญ๏ธ Download a VPN app on your phone before you go

โญ๏ธ Plan your trip before you go (at least a little bit)

โญ๏ธ Have your passport with you when you want to exchange money

โญ๏ธ Haggle, haggle, haggle

โญ๏ธ Learn at least a few Spanish words

โญ๏ธ Just enjoy this beautiful country and amazing people!

I loved the trip so much that we’re seriously thinking about going again this year! If you’ve been to Cuba let me know your favorite spots and things to do!




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