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Hello loves! As I told you in previous post, a thought of thinking about changes in 2015 came to me just now. I know that changes don’t come so naturally and you have to work hard for them, so let’s call this blogging goals. This year my blog will celebrate it’s second birthday and I can’t wait for  new challenges in this year! So what are my goals?

1. I already did a really good job STICKING TO A SCHEDULE  in the last months of 2014, but in the first week of 2015 all somehow failed. I was unprepared, did my first post really last minute and didn’t even have plans for ahead. Winter is a really hard time for me to post, because school is crazy and usually after my job as ski instructor I collapse in to bed. But luckily I’m really motivated, so hope this works!

2. Last year I noticed that PERSONAL POSTS got a lot of attention, so I guess you like them. I will try to do more posts like: facts about me (you can see the first one: here), what’s in my bag, maybe my make up routine?

3. As I want  my blog to be more than just a bunch of outfits and some inspiration,  I will try to do MORE RESEARCH on various topics, post some recipes, and so on.

4. Ok, of course OUTFITS are still the main point of this blog, so I will try to improve my photos, post more interesting looks and some shopping guides too!

5. I do this blog purely for my joy and pleasure, so the last goal is simple: ENJOY it as much as possible!

What do you think about my goals? What kind of posts do you like the most?

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