Hey guuuurlz!  Today I want to talk about some things blogging taught me about photography. I by no means think of myself as a photographer, but there are some stuff I learned along the way, and can maybe help out some of you. I have so much things  left to learn, but I’m looking forward to it, since everything is so much fun.

1. L I G H T  I S  E V E R Y T H I N G

Sometimes I am wondering if those superstar bloggers live in some parallel universe where lightning is always just perfect, because in my life that sure isn’t the case. It’s such an important factor for taking a good photo, no matter if these are outfit photos, or just a quick snap of your breakkie. I learned the first rule of people who don’t have a clue about taking photos (which is: the model should be facing the sun light at all costs!) is so wrong. I prefer to take my photos in shadow, or on a gloomy days that are still bright enough for great sharp photos. Facing direct light just doesn’t work for me. Another thing that I tried a few times is shooting with a back light (so the sun was behind me) and the photos came out soft and dreamy. Photography gives you so many chances to experiment and play around with light.

2. D O N ‘ T   B E   A F R A I D   T O   D I T C H   T H E   A U T O   M O D E

Don’t be afraid to leave the auto mode on your camera.  Play with the aperture mode for the blurry background, or even go fully manual if you dare. You can always take some extra photos in auto mode in case your experimental photos don’t turn out so great.  Yep, you’ll have to learn to leave your comfort zone or in this case auto mode, to see the difference, improve and learn some new stuff! What all we do for blogging!

3. G O O D   L E N S   I S   W O R T H   M O R E   T H A N   G O O D   C A M E R A

So when I got a bit more serious with blogging, naturally the next step was buying a new camera. I knew I can’t afford something professional, but it didn’t matter because I don’t know how to operate with something professional anyway. So I bought Nikon d3100, a low priced entry level camera and started shooting the looks. But the photos were pretty basic. So the next step was buying a new lens, and that’s what changed everything. Now my photos are clear and sharp, and I’m so much happier with the result each time.  You can see the first post shoot with new camera, and  photos taken with new lens.

4. D O   A   G O O D   R E S E A R C H   B E F O R E   B U Y I N G   A N Y T H I N G

Before buying any new gear you should really do a big research. I almost bought a lens without a focus motor , and that would be a really big problem, since my camera doesn’t have one. Or for instance every page on the internet will tell you that 50mm is best for fashion bloggers, absolute must have, you really can’t miss with it. But 50mm on cropped sensor isn’t the same as 50mm on full frame sensor, so you should also consider that. I didn’t do a very good research on this one, so now my 50mm on a cropped frame is pretty zoomed in. Since I mostly shoot outfit photos outdoors that isn’t a big problem for me, but whoever takes my photos has to go pretty far away to take them 😀 I imagine 35mm would make my life just a little bit easier, since indoor photos with this lens are nearly impossible to take in my small room. Hope you’ll learn on my mistakes. You’re welcome! 😀

5. N E V E R  S T O P  L E A R N I N G   A N D   H A V E  F U N

The wonders of internet offers 100392404 free articles and tutorials for photography. So never stop learning and take advantage of what is offered to you for free. If you are able, even invest in a photography class. I know that is my wish for such a long time now. Learn a new cool trick every now and then, and try it out with your blog photography. It never hurts to learn something new 😉 And have some fun along the way. That’s the whole point of it!

Hope some of it was useful for you! Tell me where do you agree and disagree? And what are your  best tips?




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