Hey loves! A few weeks ago Slovenian company Carso asked me if I want to try out their Algea food supplement, and write a review for my readers. I already saw a few other bloggers write about it, so I thought why not. So if you want to know what is Algea, why did I decide to try it and what do I think about it, keep on reading.

 I can easily get hyped about food supplements, since they usually promise so many good effects. This one is an algae ( chlorella pyrenoidosa) and it promises to give your body a balance and better energy levels. I asked my mother what she thinks about it, and she said algae are supposed to be pretty cool, so I gave them a try. If mom approves, then it can’t be bad 😀 They are containing lot’s of iron which helps with low energy levels, and since back then I was in a always tired zombie phase, I only hoped everything they promise is true. You’re supposed to take 9 pills a day, which in my opinion is a lot, and the box lasts for about a month. So what do I think about it after almost a month? I am not a supplement specialist, so it’s kind of hard to write about effects for me. But I can tell you how I feel right now. I didn’t suffer from any side effect, and right now I’m feeling pretty great. Lately I feel much more energized, but I think this is a combination of spring, exercise, minor diet changes and Algea all together. I would say if you feel like you need more iron in your life, this is a cool way to get it 🙂

I want to know your experiences with Algea? Has anyone tried it? Let me know in comment!




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