I must admit writing product reviews isn’t my cup of tea (yet!). But I’m thinking it would be cool to share my favorite products from time to time and maybe later even start Monthly favorites! I thought it’s only right to start with  products I use on daily bases and totally swear by!!So let’s give this post a try! Hope you will like it! And let me know in comments what do you think about this kind of posts!

1. L’Oreal Micellar water 

2. Green Line Eye make up remover

3. Argan Oil

4.Burt’s Bees Hand cream

5. Lush Body bar

6.L’occitane Shea butter

1. MICELLAR WATER This is a product I bought randomly, or better didn’t buy at all! I got it for free whit a mascara I bought! But was so happy to try it, because there was a lot of hype over micellar waters at the time. Somehow I was skeptical about this miracle product that clears skin, removes eye make up,  work as a tonic and is totally gentle. But I gave it a try and love it! I still prefer to use different eye make up remover, but for clearing the rest of my face this is it! So easy to use and leaves my skin so soft an clear. So a big yes to micellar waters

2. EYE MAKE UP REMOVER  Before I tried this I had so many problems with removing strong eye make up. I really love that it’s oily and the make up goes off without any problem or dragging. I just put it on cotton pad and wipe everything off! Must say this is a product I use for the longest time.

3. ARGAN OIL The best thing that I ever did for my face was swapping face creams for oils! I still use creams in the morning, but for night time I swear by oils. Right now I use argan  oil, but I also looove coconut oil for face. I just think it’s good to change things up a bit from time to time so I use argan oil until it runs out and then switch it for coconut oil! I highly recommend that you check the labels before buying it, because it’s important the product is organic.

4. BODY BAR This is a product I  just started using recently, but I can already tell, that it’s a keeper. It’s been a real life saver when colder temperatures hit us and my skin became very dry. It smells ah-maaaazing, and it moisturizes the skin perfectly!  Only con is that I think the bar will broke soon, but I plan to melt and reshape it then so no problem. I really like the whole story behind Lush products and I highly recommend this one!

5.SHEA BUTTER Another life saver, but this time for my lips! In the fall/winter time my lips crack like crazy, because I spend quite a lot time outside. So that’s why my pockets and bags are filled with lip butters, and Shea butter from L’occitane is by far the favorite!

6. HAND CREAM Last but not the least is this amazing hand cream. I think you can tell by the photo that I love love love this product, because I squeezed the last bits out of these one (time to repurchase it). I am not sure if I love or hate the smell of it (it’s quite strong), but that didn’t stop me from using it non-stop. The cream is very rich so it is also perfect for this colder months ahead of us!

So that’s it! Probably the longest text ever seen on whatsashawears, but I hope you like it! Tell me your tohughts in comments!




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