Hey loves! Hope you had a great weekend, and lovely Valentine’s day! I spent such a lovely day with my love, we went to see Lego Festival and ended the day with cozy dinner. So today’s post is a bit different from what I usually post. I decided to add a bit of beauty related posts on my blog, just to spice things up a bit!  I’m so happy I got a chance to test some products from and got a lovely Valentine’s surprise from Avon. So let’s tackle them one by one!

Sleek- palette Sunset I Divine– is a set of beautiful and pigmented eye shadows, which I used for my Valentine’s dinner make up look. I really love shimmery shades,  but the ones I usually use seem to go down so quickly. Well not this one, they stayed where they should be all evening, so all in all I’m pretty happy with the palette. I used rose shades for my make up, but I really love those brighter shades too, for now I think those will have to wait until summer.

Sleek- Matte Me gloss (Fandango Purple– When I first saw this one, my first reaction was: Whoa slow down, that’s too much. I usually opt for nudes or reds on my lips, and that’s all! Pretty boring I know. But when I tried it on I was amazed. Who knew purple looks pretty cool on me? Even my boyfriend wasn’t totally against it when I sent him some photos. It’s a perfect mat gloss, I just had a bit of a problems applying it nicely. But don’t mind that, I’m no lipstick master. Too bad this one is sold out, but they have it in other pretty shades too!

Sleek Luminare– Another product that amazed me is this Sleek Luminare corrector, that should work as highlighter too. I don’t really like it as highlighter, since it is a bit too orange, but it works wonders with my dark circles. I wasn’t happy with how it applies at first, but it worked better the second time, when I put more effort in moisturizing my under eye area first! K. Bye dark circles!

Avon Sweet Sensuality  Bath Elixir  Ok ok I admit I haven’t try this one yet, but it smells amazing, and that’s kind of the poing of Bath elixirs, right? I can’t wait to return in to my apartment in Ljubljana and pour this in a lovely hot bath!

Avon Amour lipstick- Did I mention I mostly wear nudes on my lips already? Well that’s why I think this one will be my go to companion in the near future. Perfect nude shade, and creamy texture which make it so easy to apply nicely. Great catch for someone who is pretty dumb when it comes to applying lipsticks like I am.

Hope you like this post, and please let me know in comment what do you think about it!




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