Hey loves! Today I wanted to talk with you about these brushes I recently bought on eBay. I never put much thought in what kind of brushes I use, but I decided that my old ones needed to go. I didn’t want to invest lots of money in to it, and since I herd lots of bloggers loving their purchases from eBay, I decided I give it a try. I chose 10 piece set HERE and I love the face brushes so much! The brushes feel really good on skin, and applying my make up suddenly became much easier. I don’t have really strong opinion about eye make up brushes, since I don’t do lots of eye make up lately, but the first impression is good too! This is not a sponsored post, just a friendly advice from me to all of you who are in the search for amazing brushes 🙂 What are your best eBay purchases?



P.S The winner of Wednesday’s giveaway is Pia Erjavec 🙂 Rest of you stay tuned for another giveaway on Wednesday


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