Hello pretty ladies:) How are you doing today? I had a great weekend, celebrating my 22 birthday with my family, my boy and friends. 1th of August is my favorite day of the year, as I am a big birthday lover (Is it to early to start the count down for the next one?). It started with a breakfast in bed that my little brother made for me, and It’s kind of cool having a sugar overdose first thing in the morning and not feeling guilty about it! I spent the day with my family, again eating a lot of bad (but so goood) stuff, and wrapped up the night with b-day dinner and party with friends. The night was amazing, and I even got to wear crown (yaaaay). I really do have amazing people around me (much love <3). The weekend ended up with a lazy Sunday, and now I’m ready to start my 22th year on this world happy and full of energy:) Stay tuned for a new outfit post on Wednesday 😉




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