Hey loves! Girly pink dress is just what I needed after wearing too many outfits with jeans and casual tops. There are two combos that I really love in this look. In my opinion pairing girly attire with leather jacket gives your outfit such a cool edge, and pairing dresses with sneakers is just the best combo you can wear at the moment. I ordered this dress on ASOS, since it has been waaay to long since my last order, and (almost) nothing makes me happier than successful online shopping. Well this one way only 50% successful, since I had to send one dress back, but I really love their return system. I realize I make it sound like this post is sponsored by ASOS (I WISH!), but it’s just my favorite online store. Back in high school I even ordered my prom dress from there!

What do you think about today’s look? Let me know in comments!




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