Hey hey! When I posted this hair mask HERE, you were all pretty interested in home made fix for your hair, but a lot of you didn’t like the smell and the mess it makes! So here is another one about DIY hair care, for shiny shiny shiny hair! ( I stole this idea from a friend of mine pssst 😉 .

So here is what I did. I put coconut oil on ends of my hair ( I reccomend avoiding roots) and wrapped them in hot towel ( I towel in oven on 150°C for 10 minutes) and waited 30 min before rinsing and shampooing! I also heard some people leave it on during the night, but I don’t have time to wash my hair in the morning. This mask leaves your hairy silky smooth and shiny! I really love coconut oil for different kinds of pampering! My favourite way to use it is on face before I go to sleep! You can also check how I made  body butter, with it HERE!

Have a lovely weekend!



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