Hey hey! It’s been a while since my last blogpost, but I’m more active on Instagram, so be sure to followe me there. If you are already following me, you know that last week I took a day trip to Slovenian coast with Ana. The thing with me and the day trips is that I can’t never pick a destination. When I’m scrolling trough Instagram I have millions ideas where I wanna go, but when the time actually comes, I’m nervously googling “day trips in Slovenia” and usually end up with ZERO good ideas! So here is my “pro” tip for a day trip in Slovenia: Piran.

We started the day with a good coffee by the sea, and I was so happy to see sea after all these days on snow, and then took some time to just walk around Piran. I love these cute streets, and the view from St. George’s church is the best (and very Instagrammable too haha). After Piran she took me to Lunch in restaurant Capra in Koper, and the food was just the best. You can see it on photos, dessert was to die for! We ended the day with wine by the port watching ships go in and out and then headed back home. It was just what I needed, chilling all day by the sea! So if you are planning to go somewhere this week, here is an idea!

What are your favorite destinations for a day trip? Let me know in comments!





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