Hey loves! My Equa team dedicated this May to hydration. It’s so important to drink enough water every day! Not just for your body functions, but also for your body’s beauty! Drinking the right amount of water will make you glow from inside out, and who doesn’t want that? On the days I spent at home or at school I usually drink lots of water, but on the days when I have lot’s of running around to do I sometimes forget to drink water completely! I’m sure that happens to you too! So My Equa is here to help. Not just that they offer the prettiest water bottles ever, they also designed MyEqua app, that tracks your water intake, and gives you a reminder to drink water during the day. I tried lot’s of similar apps in the past, but this one is by far the best (and the cutest!) You also get some tips and different recipes. My favorite lazy water hack is to put frozen raspberries in it! The best thing ever and also very instagrammable too!

Some other recipes I like:

1. water, strawberries, lemon, basil

2. water, watermelon and mint

3. lemon juice, elderberry syrup, water, mint (we drink this one during the summer non stop <3)

Which is your favorite infused water? Let me know in comments!

P.S If anyone is interested in buying Equa bottle, be sure to use discount code myequaxsasha15 at checkout! (Valid till the end of May)




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