I tried many things for beautiful hair, several oils that are promised to make a big difference no matter what type of hair you have ( thanks magazines for lying because oils just don’t work for me!), different shampoos, conditioners… But nothing works for me as good as this simple hair mask that you can make at home in under a minute! I mix one egg with one tea spoon olive oil and half tea spoon vinegar! I won’t lie, it’s a big mess, but it makes miracles for me! I leave it on my hair for 20 minutes which is the perfect period to get my nails done;) It’s like I’m on a mini spa treat! When I first tried it, I was a bit afraid that it will be hard to wash off, but if you use warm water there are no problems, and after, I use only shampoo, no conditioner! It leaves your hair soft and shiny just the way I like it:)

Have a lovely day!



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