I am wearing: bomber jacket: H&M, bag: Stradivarius, Shoes: Adidas

Hey babes! For a long time this blog is much more than just my fashion diary, so I decided to share some photos from today’s little family trip with you. We hang out a lot at home, but we don’t take lot’s of trips. As we were all free today we decided to take a trip to nearby lake Bohinj, Savica Waterfalls and Vogel, which is a Ski Center that I already mentioned a few posts ago, and you sure saw a lot of it on my social networks (If not, you should really go and follow me on Instagram 😜). I love that in Slovenia we have so many beautiful places within a two hour (or less) drive, and if you’re my foreign reader, you should put it on you bucket list for sure! I’m thinking about making a little guide about my hometown Bled, so let me know in comments If someone would be interested in reading posts like this? But till then stay tuned for new post this week, as I’m going to explore a new city that was on my bucket list for so long! Can you guess where I’m flying on Wednesday? 😉




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