So today is the day that I decided to ramble about some of my favorite beauty products.  This doesn’t happen often, since I more or less stick to the same old reliable products, but when I do find something new and amazing, you know I’ll share it with you. Lately I’ve been trying to get on board with contouring my face, at least a bit. I’ve bought this set ICONIC BLUSH BRONZE & BRIGHTEN GOLDEN HOT a while ago, but started using it more just recently. I love sets like this, since they give you everything you need in one product, so you don’t need 10000000 products only for your cheek bones.

This oil is a true gem! It’s my second bottle, and since I bought it I hardly ever use body lotions. After using it my skin is so so so soft and it smells gorgeous. I know some of people don’t like oils so much, but if you’re an oil lover like me, seriously try it. And it’s really affordable, i think a little bit more than 2€. I’m hooked on this one <3

Last week lovely Avon team sent me this two products to try out. So here is the verdict, or at least half of it. Treasure of The Desert is my new absolute favorite hand cream. The smell reminds me on a cream I bought in Italy a few years ago, and then looked for the same one in every store in Slovenia, but didn’t find it anywhere. I love it when the scent reminds you on something so much. Even if you don’t have a special memories on some Argain Oil scent, I’m sure you’re gonna love it!

 And for the nails polish, all I can say the color looks so pretty and summerish, and I want that one of you tries it out, so I didn’t open it yet:) If you want to have it, just write your mail in the comment, and follow me either on instagram or like my Facebook page. I will anounce the winner on Wednesday:)




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