Hey loves! One more beauty post from my side. I’m not sure what’s going on in my head, but I started to enjoy writing beauty product reviews! The transition from summer to fall wasn’t to great for my skin. I spent a lot of time outdoors and even if my skin is usually more oily it became very dry in colder days. It didn’t look so bad, but the feeling was horrible. I was thinking about facial, but decided that there must be something I can do at home. I headed to Lush, and lovely sales lady recommended me this mask. It contains honey that feeds your skin, and herbs, that exfoliate the face, because when you rinse the mask off your face it also works as a scrub. It has a lovely natural smell, not to harsh and it feels great on the skin. I used it two days in a row,  and am now using what is left on every couple of days. Because the mask is all natural, you need to keep it in fridge and have to use it in short time, but it makes wonders I promise. After using it my skin got back in a normal condition and it’s even more soft than before.

Anyone else obsessed with Lush products?




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