Hey loves, we finally made it to Friday, and today it’s time for another Friday Beauty Talk here on blog. My favorite product from this post is absolutely this Avon Glow, which me and my mum fight over. I really love the glow which comes from pearls, and it’s only a big bonus if it smells amazing like this one. It adds a perfect final touch to your make up, if you’re going for something fresh and natural looking. 

 As you already know, a few weeks ago I attended EquaxMelvita event, and these lovely Rose Waters came home with me. It’s the perfect refreshment for your skin during the day, and I keep it in my bag when I need that extra boost on my face. Once again the smell has won me over! Seriously this Rose water smells amazing.


So the last thing I wanted to talk about with you today is this cute make up bag that I purchased on eBay. They have it in so many cute colors, that right now I also want pink, blue and maybe the purple one? I don’t know why, but I’m kind of obsessed with make up bags. I have so many that it’s impossible to use all of them, but still keep purchasing new ones! But what can I do if there is so many cute ones out there (waiting for me) 😛




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  1. August 3, 2016 / 3:56 pm

    Avonove kroglice so res krasne, jih imam tudi sama in mi je res všeč, ker imajo tisti kanček osvetlitve, da izgledam še bolj glowy:) In Melvita, to je pa moja posebna ljubezen, Peneči čistilni gel za obraz je še vedno eden ljubših, nežnih, prijaznih gelov za čiščenje za obraz in cvetne vodice so krasne, včasih si naredim masko za obraz in kar namesto da bi zmešala z vodo zmešam z cvetno vodico, tonikom je efekt še boljši. Vse za lepo kožo:):):)

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