Hey everyone! Today’s post took me a little more time than I expected. Summer has just kicked in and I am already thinking about trends for this fall. At fist I was a bit sad thinking that this means even summer has to end at some point. But it got better when I saw all the amazing upcoming trends! I know that for me a high boots (we are talking over the knee high) are no go, but I will be more than happy to update my wardrobe with some pretty pink hues, embellished sweaters, and capes that will keep me warm. I decided to do this post in three parts. Let’s start with no.1

All photos from Asos.

Who says fall is boring, this year the embellished dresses and tops will make it interesting and feminine.

Photos: ChoiesAsos.

Pink pieces will brighten up your wardrobe, and help you to stay happy even when weather is shitty! It is such a feminine color, but with the right cut it makes a strong  statement. This fall we will play with everything from hot pink to tender pastel hues.

And last but not least, hurray for the stylish capes, that will keep us warm untill the summer comes back!

What is your opinion on fall trends?

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day;)



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