It’s 12th of December and I am almost done with Christmas shopping. Is that normal? I don’t now. But I love buying presents so much, that I don’t want to ruin everything by doing it last minute when stores are way too crowded. Luckily I don’t have problems with picking gifts, but If you’re one of the people who get so stressed because you don’t know what to pick I have a tip for you! Daniel Wellington has gorgeous holiday  bundles, and I’m 100% sure this is a gift every girl would be happy to get (and lots of boys too!). This black one was on my wish list for a while, and since the watch is the accessory I wear the most I was so happy when they surprised me with it last week. I also got a discount code for you, so you can get 15% discount if you use the code: Sasha Wears

Happy shopping! Did you already do some Christmas shopping? Let me know in comments!




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