Hey lovlies! It’s so cool to have some time off  before school starts again! I have so much free time on my hands that I don’t know what to do with it. I guess this means I can post every day, not every second day and more outfit posts! Today I wore this gorgeous fluffy sweater with faux leather leggings. I really like leather pants, but I find them so uncomfortable, so the perfect solution is to go for leggings. They are super comfy and stylish. And in cold breezy days like this is the most important to be warm and comfortable.  It’s time to fill my closet with oversized and soft sweaters!

 I figured that I’m always so sad when one season ends, and there is a week when I really don’t know how to go on, but after a while I figure out that every season has its advantages. Right now I can’t wait for leaves on trees to fall off and eating chestnut on a cold day!

Sweater: New Yorker / Necklace: Asos / Leggings: New Yorker

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