So last week I changed my hair color again! Two months ago I did balayage, to lighten my hair a bit, and went back again to get them even lighter.(SEE PART 1 HERE) I usually prefer dark brown hair on me, except from my high school blonde (to be honest it was more yellow) phase, that was kind of a big fail haha. So since then I was really afraid of failing again, so I avoided blonde color. Even though I’m not a full blonde ( and will probably never be) I really  like my blondie ends:) For everyone thinking about going from brown to blonde, I highly recommend doing it in at least two parts, since this kind of coloring is pretty damaging for your hair. After that it’s necessary to take a real good care of your hair, so I’m gonna go now and arm myself with tons of oils and hair masks 😉 Talk to you on Wednesday again!

How do you like my new color? Let me know in comments <3




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