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P8251989Hey loves! If you read my previous Friday post, you might think I’m some kind of Zip Line addict, since yesterday I went for the second time in two weeks. Well I’m not, I just randomly got a chance to go to a different one yesterday, and since I had a free day (and lot’s of studying to avoid) I decided to go again. This one was a bit different, much faster and shorter.  but still so much fun.  Then we went for a great lunch and hang by the lake Jasna. I took a really quick dip in it because it was freeeeezing! Today I have an exam in Ljubljana so I’ll shoot some outfit there, FINALLY!! Talk to you on Monday again!





  1. August 28, 2016 / 2:33 pm

    Zip lining is so much fun! It is actually one of my favorite outdoor activities in summer! It definitely looks like you had a great & fun day! Good luck in the exam!

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