Hey there! I have a pretty good excuse for not blogging the past few days! I decided that I need some changes in my life and I started with my room! I spent this weekend painting, cleaning and decorating and I have to say I’m more than happy with the result. Before Pimp my room project, my walls were red and now boom gorgeous lavender color. I added just a few small things, but the change is really visible!

I really hate making my bed in the morning, and adding more pillows is not gonna make it any easier for me, but at least it looks good!

I’ve been seeing a lot of room decorated with Christmas lights, and I just had to try it, now it fells like Christmas trough the whole year!

My jewelry martini! In this glasses I keep just  random rings and earrings. Not my favorite and not most worn, just what I think it looks good!

So this was a small insight in my new room! I need to add some photos on the wall, and then it will be perfect! Do you like it?

Thanks for reading!

Kisses, Sasha


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