Must admit, not the most organized person in the world talking here. But when I started with blogging, leveling up my organization was a must. And to be honest it made things much much easier.  I stopped skipping posts that I’ve planned in my mind, when I started writing more and more stuff down.

When I first heard about editorial calendar, I thought that it’s kind of crazy to plan so far ahead.But it really helps to stay on track with your posts, and gives you so much more time to prepare content. In my opinion posts gets better, because they are not written in a hurry and you get to prepare for upcoming events (for example planning Christmas posts, V-day’s posts and so on…)

I try to plan for at least two weeks ahead, but that doesn’t mean I stress out if I don’t have idea for a day or two.  Usually I fill the missing days very quickly. Sometimes I even get ideas for whole month, and writing it in a calendar helps me not to forget about it!

Before scheduling it in a calendar I write all of the ideas down in a notebook and then decide which themes are the best for specific time. I use notebook and notes on my phone for all the ideas that I get on the go, so when time for scheduling comes I usually don’t have many problems with making up content.

My favorite way of scheduling is to write it in to a monthly blog calendar that I made for myself (If you also want it you can get it here). I also tried scheduling with a Google calendar, but for me good old paper and pen works best. I can always have it on visible place and it reminds me and motivates me to work!

How do you organize your blogging stuff? Let me know in comments


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