Wooohoo, my graduation day has finally come, and now I’m really done with school! I actually graduated in September, but on Friday we had official ceremony where we got our diplomas. At first I even considered not to go, because I finished with it almost half year ago, but in the end it turned out to be a great day after all! Funnily the whole graduation didn’t seem like such a big deal to me, since now it feels like the scary part is just beginning.

So a few thoughts on my study. I was studying media and communications on Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, and to begin with I clearly chose the wrong department, since I’m way more interested in marketing communications and PR. Well my bad, at least during my studies I had a lot of opportunities to choose some courses from their department. After four years I feel like I’m not ready for the real world, and all the practical knowledge I had comes from my own efforts.

I guess that one’s on me too! If I could turn back time I would spend more of my student years gaining practical experience and taking on some student jobs from my field at the time. I can only imagine now I would be way more at ease right now. Even if that sounds like I’m really worried about the future now that’s not true, since I’m really in the “go with the flow” mood lately, but maybe take that as advice if you’re gonna be studying the same in the future!

See I just graduated like a minute ago and am already so smart and giving out advice, even though the whole purpose of this post was just to share the photos from the day! 😂

Have you already graduated? Let me know in comments!






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