In February: 

    • I tried my first macaroons ever, I think they are delicious, but come on what is all the fuss about? It’s just a desert!
    • I ate the best pancakes after a long long time! A big pancake with nutella, banana and white chocolate, it’s a food dream come true

    •  I made the coolest astronaut costume that you can possibly make in an hour haha! I’m not crazy to dress out like an astronaut, we have  holiday in Slovenia, when people wear costumes and kids go to ask for candy in the neighborhood!
    • I wore a lot of simple outfits.

    •  I decided to go for a healthier way of life, and shared this yummy home made granola recipe, that you should defintley check out here.
    • I also break my promise to cut out sweets for a few times haha:)

    • We went from warm sunny days to cold snowy days and back. Snow caused quite a few problems in my country, but we were lucky, because all we got was a winter wonderland

    • I decorated my room in spirit of Olympic games.
    • And my personal favorite, I said goodbye to old whatsashawears, and got myself a new blog design!

     I wish you a happy Monday!




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