1. Something I painted some time ago

2. Motivation to decorate my room

3.ome serious hiking going on 😀

4.Relaxing in hotel Golf

5. Feeling great with new haircut

6. Girl’s night

 7.Visited WWI museum

8. Happy kid

9. Beautiful Ljubljana

10. My two favorite pieces lately

Hey everyone ! What a beautiful weekend we have! There’s nothing better than to wake up in a sunny morning, knowing there is not a thing you have to do! This year we have a really beautiful colorful fall and temperatures are just perfect. So in spirit of being lazy I decided to do instagram post today, to catch up. I’m still obsessed with instagram, and I know you are too! It’s addictive, seriously if there were instagramers anonymous  meetings I would be the first one there! I have to force myself not to take 10 photos a day 🙂 For more updates you can follow me on instagram here!

I wish you fabulous weekend!




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