Hey loves, today I’m here with a bit different post. I’m not sure if I ever wrote a review for anything, but here it goes. Some time ago lovely Irressistible me team offered me to test their clip in hair extensions. Since I’ve been dreaming about longer hair for a while now, I was pretty excited to get that offer. The company offers four lines of hair extensions, wigs and other styling tools and products for hair. I choose Clip in Silky Touch extensions in medium brown (22 inch that’s around 55cm). The Silky touch is their best-selling line and is made with 100% human hair, which allows you to curl, cut an also color the hair. Mine came in 200g, which is A LOT of hair! On these photos I don’t even wear all of them in!

I am a totally new in the world of hair extensions, so you will hear a beginners opinion.

First impression was amazing, the package come very quickly and it was packed in a lovely box, which says Irresistible who? and then when you open it Irresistible you! I was so excited when I got it, like a little kid on Christmas morning. I had to watch a few tutorials on how to clip them in, and than I immediately tried them. I needed some time to figure it out and get the feeling how the thing works, but then it was pretty easy to insert them. And if I a total dummy for hair say that, then for sure it has to be easy peasy. The color of extensions is slightly different than my, but when I put them in it blends perfectly. For all the beginners I would recommend that you first try them on as an exercise, since the second time putting them in was so much better than the first time. See me wearing them for the first time HERE.

After first seeing myself in a mirror with my newly gained long hair I was amazed! It looks and feels so real, and gorgeous. For the first time I used them as they were, but for this review I decided to curl them. I think I need some more practice curling them, but still love the result. At first I was concerned that wearing them would be pretty uncomfortable and that I would stress about them all the time, but after a while I even forgot I had them in.

This is not something I will wear on daily basis, but If you want, that’s cool too. I think you will be seeing a lot of long hair on the blog, and maybe for special occasions and date nights 🙂

One thing that I’d say is missing is maybe some instructions, but thanks to the wonders of internet, you have plenty of tutorials on Youtube. The best thing is they ship international so every single one of you can get them. You have a lot of colors to choose from, and different lengths from 14 do 24 inches.  So if you’re in the market for beautiful long hair or new extensions I would highly recommend you to check out Irresistible me website.

How do you like me with long hair?



*This review is 100% my opinion, I did not get paid to say nice things about them 🙂


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