Hey hey, I had two exams yesterday and today, so there was no time to put together serious post. But I thought I might share with you a few interesting links that I came across this week.

First one is from Harpers Bazaar, and I it was quite funny reading it. Do you know how to pronounce your favorite designers name? Do you REALLY? Er-mez, Lanhn-Vahn, air-vay lay-jah and so on… I figured not haha 😀 Find out the right way  here.

In spirit of new year resolutions ( yes, I still stick to them after one month!) I tryed juicing! I don’t replace all meals with it, but swap dinner for delicious juice so I drink my veggies every day. On  this page you can try yourself in 30 days juice challenge. New recipe for every day. And what is the best, you get shopping list for a weak ahead. So no need to run in store every five minutes if you forget to buy your celery.

I consider myself to be very unorganized, and sometimes my productivity suffers because of it. A beautiful mess posted very useful tips, for a productive life. Here is the post that will help you to become new productive you.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!



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