Hey everyone! Since summer is comming really fast, I can not stop thinking about beachwear! I am going on holidays in two weeks, and I can’t wait to spend all day on the beach with a lot of time for my favourite magazines, wearing brihght and colourful clothes and living without a single problem! When on seaside I always think that I’m not tanned enough, and then all of a sudden I’m all burned and red! I have to rethink using the sun cream this year! But firs I have to survive those hard two weeks! Study now, tan later!

This year I will consider taking a hat with me, which is very stylish way of protecting from the sun! I really think that it is one of best accesories for summer! Oh, and speaking about accesories, I never put too much tought in picking a towel, but lately I came across so many stylish ones and it is such a great accesory! Do you match your towel with your outfit?

In my opinion this earth colours look so good on tanned, bronze skin!

And for the last picture I have to tell that I instantly fell in love with this Zara espadrilles! My closet is really missing a pair of  fun shoes!

Hope you are already enjoying on sun!

Have a great day!

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