Hey loves! Life has been treating me pretty good lately, and I think warmer temperatures have big role in this. Even though I have tons of Uni work to do, everything feels at such ease, and I feel like I can do it all. Let’s hope I’m right! Part of my mind is fast forwarding to summer vacay, even though I’ll have to wait for that for almost two months. I am already planning some outfit in my head, and picture myself just lying there with a good book or two three four five. I don’t read so much  when I’m at home, but on vacations I can read a book or two a day. Ok let’s get back to present life, shall we?

Foood, lot’s of great food! 1. Heavenly cake my brother made! // 2. Best breakfast in town, with the gorgeous view on Ljubljanica // 3. Tried Matcha Latte for the first time. I was so curious how it tasted, and I actually really liked it. Something different. // 3. Chocolate festival was ah-mazing! I barely got out from food coma by now haha!

1. One of my make up looks for LJFW. It was so much fun, and so many great creations! // 2. Helloooo ice cream season, you’ve been missed // 3. Dream backpack is finally mine // 3. Beauty bits

1,4/ Thanks to Uva, my nails are always a masterpiece  2,3// I love being near water so much! I’m lucky to live nearby so many beautiful lakes

1. Rocking my wooden sunnies // 2. I love finding beautiful props like this tree while shooting outfits // 3. Sunny day // 4. Some motivation for the end 🙂

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