Hey babes! Here I am with another review, and It took me a long time to write this one! Why? Because my smart idea was that the best way to show you how this works is to film a video. I was kind of scared to do it, so I postponed it for a while. When I finally filmed it I figured out I’m not very skilled for videos (yet), so the whole thing got deleted! It wouldn’t even be so bad if  my big head managed to stay in the shot for the whole time, but hey maybe I’llhave more luck next time!

So what is make up eraser? It’s a super super soft cloth, that claims to remove your make up with only water. It works for all kind of make up even waterproof eyeliner and mascara. I was a bit sceptic about it, so in my failed video attempt I drew a big heart on my cheek with waterproof eyeliner and it was gone with just a few swipes. Pretty impressive! I know coming home and knowing you have to remove a full face make up, when all you want to do is crash in bed, can be a big pain in the ass. But this could make it so much easier, since it works really well! It’s super soft and removes make up very quickly. If you’re looking for a simple and reusabe solution I would say go for it! And if you want to see it in action I’m sure internet  has many videos to offer!

Have anyone tried it yet? What is your oppinion about  it?



The Original Make Up Eraser via Fluffy Muffin


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