When it comes to food photos, I think we divide in to two groups: people that hate them, and people that absolutely love them. Hate or love and nothing in between. I am absolutely in the love group and am still not tired of seeing instagram avocado and egg photos (cuz I loooooooooooove avocado and eggs too haha).

 I have a free morning today, so I took some time to prepare this lovely breakfast. In the wineglass I put my mum’s home made yogurt with orange (yuum!) and home made granola. It makes me a little bit proud that lately I’m using my wine glasses for everything, but drinking wine! So I guess I’m getting my antioxidants from my morning cup of grean tea lately. If you want the recipe for home made granola, I posted it a while ago, and you can get it HERE. The post is a bit older, but the recipe is still the best!

What do you like to eat for breakfast?




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