Hey lovely ladies! I am back with a new beauty post for you. I’m still waiting for miracle to happen that will get me motivated for new outfit posts, so keep your fingers crossed this happens soon. Today’s post is in honor of Farfetchs’ new beauty section that just launched recently. They invited us bloggers to show our readers insight in to our beauty bag to enter the competition for their gift card. Would be cool to win it!

So here are my beauty products, that I use all the time. The absolute favorites in my humble make up collection. Right now I’m really going for nice and fresh looks with a little glow on my skin. But I thought I would prepare a whole new post about my make up routine for you. So now you can see what I use, and next week I will show you and tell you  what exactly  all these products are  and how  I use them in my every day make up 


The second part of contest is Farfetch beauty wish list, which was really fun to do. SO many pretty products to choose from.  Even though in generally I’m more than happy with my more or less drug store bought make up, upgrading to more luxurious products probably wouldn’t hurt 😉 I love this Hourglass Eyeshadow palette and their bronzer so much. I mean how pretty are they?  And I really want to find out what the heck is all the fuzz about these  weird looking brushes. They look so funny to me, but I heard they work wonders! Have anyone tried them yet? Let me know in comments!




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