Like lots of  you out there, I would be lost without my phone! It helps me organize, serves as camera, it enables me to stay on top of everything and even entertains me when I’m bored.  Besides Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, that are obviously most used on my phone, I would like to share with you my other top used apps.


I am very forgetful person, so helps me to remind important things. It works for me, because the red circle on app in my menu annoys me very very much, so I always check it! It even reminds you to plan your day every morning. And it’s the kindest app ever 🙂 It always greets you with something like good morning gorgeous, and wishes you a great day!


This is not a crucial surviving app, but If  you are obsessed with watching series like me, it will help you A LOT! You can track your favorite series, and even set reminders when new episode airs. So much easier than writing down which episodes you watch, and which you didn’t!


This two are connected to my severe instagram addiction. After downloading them I completely stopped using instagram filters, because these two apps offer you better editing options, and the best filters ever. You can get vsco cam here for free, but you will have to pay a little something for afterlight.


You like making panorama shots? well photosynth is even better, because it allows you to make complete 360 degree photo. Kinda feels like shooting for google streetview.


Have to admit this app is not very useful for me, but it might just be the best for you. You scan a cosmetic product you use and tells you which ingredients are good or not good for you!  Why it’s not useful for me? Because most of the products I use are not listed yet. I still have it on my phone hoping this changes.

What are your favorite apps? Let me know in comments 🙂




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