Oh boy, what a fun month was this! At the beginning of October we were still enjoying Greek sun, tanning, eating tons of Greek salads on Naxos, which you can see HERE,HERE and HERE. Seeing this photos again now, made me miss this place so much. I even made my first VLOG from Naxos and Athens. Right after returning from the trip, I moved to apartment in Ljubljana, which I love so much. It’s a cute little apartment in the city center, and I really enjoy wandering around the city, going to classes, catching up with friends, eating out , going for drinks at night. I also visited Open kitchen, which is a street food market in Ljubljana, went to Primark shopping trip and my beloved Ikea. I’m ending this month with carving pumpkins tomorrow, and then I’m ready for a fun November. For more daily updates, follow me on instagram @sasarakovec

How was your month? Let me know in comments 🙂




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