You’ve probably heard about Oil pulling, as it is a big hit right now! And if you didn’t let me explain it to you. Oil pulling is an ancient dental technique  that is supposed to pull toxins out of your  mouth. It will help to whiten your teeth, make your gums stronger, helps you to achieve better breath  and even helps you cure headaches and hangovers. (+ there is a lot more health benefits but since I’m not a medical professional we will skip that;)


1. Gently swish one to two teaspoons of coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes ( you can use  any other vegetable based oil) Make sure you do it before you ate or drank anything in the morning. ( You can also get it online HEREHERE )

2. Spit it out in toilet or trash ( not in the sink!!)

3. Rinse with salted water

4. Brush your teeth

5. Smile 🙂


I read that for some people it was hard to start, as they didn’t like the texture of oil in their mouth, but I didn’t had that problem.  I started with smaller amount and then added more each  time. I am using solid coconut oil, and it melts just perfectly when it mixes with saliva. Because I like to hit a snooze button in the morning, I don’t do it every day ( I’m usually in the rush and don’t even have 20 minutes to get ready)  But while doing it you can check your emails, clean your room, watch some TV or just flip to your favorite magazines. Sometimes I even put on make up while doing it.


I decided for this because my gums are bleeding quite often. I can say it helped a little, but did not cured it at all. One time I tried it in the morning after one too much glass of wine, and have to say, I was feeling much better afterwards.  Plus after a week of doing it my boyfriend said he noticed my teeth are much much whiter.

Let me know your experiences with oil pulling !

Love, S


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