Skipping outfit post always makes me feel so sad, but this week was impossible to make time for that. I hope that in my future there is time, when blogging will be my priority, but it’s not that time yet! I have one more week of stu-dying and then finally more free time for  blogging. Instead of outfit post, this week you get a shopping guide (Do I hear a big yaay? :D) I’m really thinking about new coat, so coats were the obvious decision for today. The last two from Zara are my favorites and almost ended in my closet, but as gorgeous as they are unfortunately, I look like a big teddy bear when I zip them. I was even thinking of buying one of them anyway, because they look pretty cool unzipped, but in that case I would probably freeze. Which one is your favorite from the list?

P.S Bear with me for the next week and wish me luck with my exams 😉




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