Hey babes! A few days ago I posted an instagram selfie with Mr. Blanc whitening stripes, and so many of you wanted to know if they work or not. I consider myself for a person who smiles a lot, so white teeth are something I wanted for ages! I’ve tried whitening stripes before, but having them on for 30 minutes made me so nervous, and at the end there was no result at all. So I gave up on at home teeth whitening until I got the chance to try out Mr. Blanc. I saw it on Instagram so many times, and I was pretty sure this isn’t availible in Slovenia (story of my life), but guess what, turns out it is, and you can order them here! You’re welcome 😉 So back to the review. One thing I was afraid of was that the whole process will be a big ordeal for me. I can get pretty nervous with stuff like this, and last time I spent 30 minutes worrying if I will swallow some gel or not, and what will happen if I swallow it. Mr. Blanc consist of 14 little packages with stripes for your lower and upper teeth, that are so easy to apply and after that you forget that you have them on. So big like for that! Another thing I was worried about are my sensible teeth, and I hoped I can get trough the process without unpleasant feeling,and guess what, Mr. Blanc also dazzled me in this area. It doesn’t contain peroxide and contains only enamel friendly ingredients, so it is totally safe for you and your soon to be white teeth. Let me just fast forward to results, because your probably still reading this only to hear the final verdict. The stripes totally exceeded my expectations! I wasn’t happy with my teeth color, but now I really am! And by now I only used 7 of them, so I’m half way trough the process and already so happy!  I can’t tell the difference in shades, but it’s a really visible change. After posting a photo on instagram I realized that filter made my teeth, well my whole face, glow a bit to much, so here is a more realistic photo.  What do you think?

What are your experiences with at home teeth whitening? Has any of you already tried Mr. Blanc?




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