1. HM  25€

2. ZARA  79 €

I talked about my obsession with slip on trainers in one of my previous posts,  here ( you can also find lots of cool ones to shop!!!), but now I finally found the ones for myself. In order to get rid of all black wardrobe, I decided to sneak in some snake print slip ons in my closet. I found two really similar pairs in H&M and Zara, and in my opinion only difference is price. I think Zara and H&M are the same as it goes for quality, so Zara is a bit overpriced if you ask me. I never ripped a piece from H&M, but at lots of occasions I had problems with Zara’s clothes (but what can I do they are all so pretty that I have to buy them). This time I decided to save a bit, so I planned a little trip to H&M today after classes!

Have a fabulous day!




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