Hey everyone! I can’t belive that I didn’t posted anything for a whole week! The first half of week I was busy searching for an apartment in Ljubljana, since my study  year is starting this week, and I will stay there during the week. I still didn’t find anything so apartment hunt continues! The second half of the week I spent in beautiful Spa called Rimske terme and I left my computer at home, because I wanted a full relaxed time with no technology involved. (Ofcourse I couldn’t live without my iPhone so I managed to take some pics for you 😉 I don’t have any outfit photos, because I practically didn’t wear anything else than swimsuit and bath robe.  I spent days in Sauna or by the pool, and  treated myself with a great massage! For all Slovenian readers I highly recommend Rimske Terme even if you go there just for a relaxing day! All the rooms and hallways have sayings in latin, and it’s so fun to read them! I think I became wiser because of them ha ha ! Here you have some photos from my getaway, and this week we go back on track with more fashionable posts!


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