Hey babes! Writing this post on a gloomy day seems a bit weird, but still here we go. This summer Afrodita equipped me with lots of summer goodies, and seaside getaway was the perfect chance to test it all. If you live in Slovenia you for sure know what Marmelada it- and for those of you who don’t its a fast tanning jam, that was a HUGE hit last summer. So huge it was almost impossible to get it at first, because we literally went crazy over it. It gives you perfect tan and it’s my best friend for tanning now.  It’s a bit sticky, which I don’t mind, but for those who do they launched a new dry oil, that is also so amazing, and smells heavenly. I really love tanning, and I know I sometimes over do it so Calming gel came in handy too. Don’t know how we would survive without it! Lying on the sun feels like charging to me at the beginning of the summer I get mild sunburns every single year. This year I got at least a bit smarter and start using Sun face cream, so who know maybe next year I’ll level up and be more responsible with the sun.  Thanks Afrodita for getting me ready for the summer <3



*Taning jam doesn’t contain any sun protection, so you have to use SPF under it.


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