Hey everyone! Mondays are tough, so a short inspiration post is all I need for today! There are so many cool trends for this fall and I just can’t pick my favorite. It offten happens to me that when I first find out about new trend I hate hate hate it, but then after a while I slowly start to love it more and more! One of this trends was tartan, I just couldn’t imagine how would I look wearing it, the thought was frightening, but it looked cool on others! So in spirit of getting out of comfort zone I ordered tartan skirt on asos. I’m not gonna lie it was disaster, I looked like I would opt for a naughty school girl look and that is not something I want! So this skirt will stay in the closet for now, and I decided to satisfiy my need for tartan with a cool scarf! And it totally works, tartan scarf is great and I will show it to you soon!

How do you like this trend?



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