Hey loves! So a bit different post today, that will be interesting especially for my fellow bloggers. For the past year I struggled with organizational aspect of my blog, and not writing stuff down was a big part of it. So when one of the bloggers I absolutely adore published this blogger journal I know I wanted it!NEEDED IT! Steph is the voice behind the Cocochic blog, and her blog is more than just (really) pretty photos! In my opinion she is a genius writer. I usually go on blogs mainly for the pretty photos, and I don’t like to read long texts (that’s why I don’t write so much too!) but It has never happened that I wouldn’t finish reading hear texts! That girl is G-E-N-I-U-S, I tell you!

 So back to this little pretty journal Steph published.  We all now writing down stuff is crucial for success and believe me you will want to sit down and write stuff in this cute book ALL THE TIME.It has everything you need for efficient organization of your blog, even smart little quotes to motivate you. Inside you will find:

– A list of blogging terminology

– Optimum social media times

– Useful websites and apps

– 100 blog post ideas

– SEO tips and tricks

– Google Analytics FAQ

– Twitter chat times

– Popular Instagram tags

– Pull-out prints x 12

– The Yearly Planner

– The Monthly Planner x 12

– The Weekly Planner x 52

– Weekly blog tips x 52

– Note pages x 52

– Monthly Statistics x 12

– Income Calculator x 12

– Monthly Goals x 12

– Contacts sheets x 5

 I’ve been using it for a second week, and every day I just can’t wait to find some time and sit down to plan the S*** out of my blogging responsibilities haha! So if you still haven’t found your perfect blog journal for 2016 I warmly recommend this one for you! You can get it on Cocochic blog page, and while you’re there check out her amazing post. She is sharing the best tips for blogging and her photos are amazing!

* This post is by no means sponsored, I just share my big excitement for this  book!




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