Hey loves! Yesterday was my last day of 14 day Thin Tea detox, and today I am going to share my experience with you! I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen detox teas on your Facebook or Instagram feed, as they are pretty hyped at the moment. They are promising pretty awesome results, such as fat loss, higher energy levels, and overall health improvements, so I was so happy when I found out it’s finally available in Slovenia. You can get it in Thin Tea Slovenia online shop with free next day delivery if you order it by 12.00. In the package you get Detox blend, which you should drink in the morning, and Fat Loss blend, which you should drink before your last meal of the day. Now before some of you start accusing me of being stupid for believing that some tea will do all the work for me let me tell you that I don’t think that. Even Thin Tea company doesn’t want you to believe that, since they recommend sticking to a certain diet while drinking it.


 The first thing I noticed was how both blends have a really amazing taste, without adding any sugar of course. I really enjoy adding this tea to my morning and night routine, and I will continue with it, since after 14 days, I still have quite some tea left. I know you’re probably eager to find out if I lost any weight, and I will get to it in a moment. First of all I have to tell you, what I changed in my eating habits. I’m not really good at sticking to diets, but I do exercise very often. So I decided to only cut sweets from my diet for 14 days (I had three cheat days) and try to decrease my endless love for white bread, which I will continue to do in the future too. After 14 days I lost 2,5 kg, which I am very happy about, and I do think this tea had something to do with it. I really didn’t feel so many cravings as I usually do and avoiding sweets seemed like such an easy task. If you’re ready to commit to some changes this can be a great help on your weight loss journey, or if you need more energy this can help too! The final verdict is: I love this tea, and I am pretty sure I will do this detox again soon!

What are your experiences with detox teas? Have you tried it already? Let me know in comments!




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