Hey loves! As promised, here is a more detailed post from Stockholm.  No matter the (bad) weather, this city amazed me andI’m coming back in the future for sure! I was there for five days, and I saw most of the things I wanted to see,  but there are stillsomethings left I’ll have to check of the list next time.  I went to visit a friend who is studying there, so I spend lot’s of time bymyself (it’ was surprisingly nice!) and the city felt so safe, and easy to be in. Public transport is very effective and not tooexpensive, andit’s really easy to get from place to place. It is a bit expensive comparing to Slovenian standards, but I thinks if youreally want itwould be possible to visit it on budget. Today I’m sharing top 10 places from my trip, and if you’ve been there beforeI would loveto hear your favourites too!I flew from Trevisio to Arlanda airport, and then took a Flygbussarna bus to the city (20€ round trip). Over there I bought publictransport pass which costs around 30€ for 7 days. And then my adventure began!


–or as I called it the entire time: Meatballs for everyone! This is a place that a guide from Free Tour recommended, and as a bigmeatballs lover I sure wasn’t disappointed. They serve meatballs and salads, and the prices are pretty reasonable- I paid less than15 € for meatballs and Coke.  But the portions aren’t so big, so if you are really hungry you’dprobably need to get something morethan just a portion of Swedish Classics.  Place has a pretty cool vibe, and I read somewhere that it’s so crowded that you can’t get a table, but when I came  at 3 o’clock it was half empty, so I guess it depends on the hour.


Great place for a quick pick me up during shopping! It’s a chain of coffee places and I noticed only boys work there? Which was funny because no boy ever in my life made a smoothie for me haha! I didn’t even know boys know how to do that. 😆  Great for Coffee, Smoothies and Sandwiches. I paid around 10€ for delicious Turkey Mozzarella sandwich and smoothie.


Cool brunch spot, that can get pretty crowded on weekends. They have lot’s of healthy and delicious options, and the vibe there is so cool! We both took granola with applesauce and yogurt, which was A M A Z I N G!  We didn’t understand the menu in Swedish, and we later saw other people ordering even better stuff haha! This costs around 25 eur.


I was so lucky to arrive at the time for cherry blossoms! It was so pretty, and I’m still angry at myself that I didn’t take more photos there. It was veeeery crowded, lots of people taking photos, some fashion photoshoots going on, so it was fun to just watch people go crazy with their cameras. I took a coffee break nearby and paid around 4€ for latte.


Okay so here is another brunch spot, that I found on Instagram. It almost looks like I only went there for good brunch places haha, but really there are so many cool ones! Amazing pancakes, and I wish I could take everything on the menu, but I was so full after this. Price: around 18 € for pancakes, coffee, and juice. 😍


Enough with food, it’s time for sightseeing…and maybe some pastry. Skansen is an open air museum that show how Swedish people lived in the past. It’s like a big park with buildings from different eras. They even have a little zoo with bears, piglets, foxes and so on. It took me about two hours to walk around, but if you want to see it more in detail take half of the day for it. Price is approximately 10€.


The Old City is where you’ll find all the cool old houses. I took a Free walking tour there,  because I was to lazy to read guides at home, but still wanted to hear juuust a little bit about the history. I easily get bored with too much historic information, but on this free tour they just covered some basics and told us a few cool stories. Being a true tourist over here 😀



If you buy pass for public transport you can ride with trams, buses, under ground and BOATS! So cool! Just before I left to the airport we went with boat from one island to another and back, just for the sake of riding with boat haha. It was really nice to see a part of the city from the water. If you want more they also have some real boat tours, but I left that for the next time.


Even though I was travelling with only carry on luggage, I couldn’t resist to do a little bit of shopping. I only allowed myself to shop in stores that we don’t have back at home, and there were a few that were really cool. I fell in love with Gina Tricot and Bik Bok, and I also liked shopping in Monki store. But if you have a big shopping budget, Stockholm has a lot of expensive stores to offer too! For me, they will have to wait…for a while. 😅


I’m not such a huge Abba fan, so I hesitated about visiting their museum. But it was really fun! The only thing was wrong is that we came in the last available spot before closing (1,5h before), and at closing time they just kicked us out without prior warning. You can really lose track of time there, so a warning 20 min before would be nice. They literally kicked me out of the stage, during performing The Dancing Queen! I would say it was a performance of my life 😂  and they just unplugged me in the middle. Not cool! 😞  The museum has all sorts of interactive points, where you can sing, dance shoot a music video and later check your recordings online. I still proudly watch 30 seconds of my performance every now and then haha! Too bad we have to leave before we tried half of it. So if you go don’t waste your time at the beginning, because all the fun stuff comes at the end! So this were my favourite  places I visited during my trip! Let me know If you like this kind of posts. ❤️




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  1. May 8, 2017 / 11:31 am

    Sasha looks like an amazing trip and the photos are breathtakingly beautiful!
    Nilu Yuleena Thapa
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

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