TOP 10 OF 2015

Wooow this year really is coming to an end! It went by so fast. One thing that I like even more than New Year’s resolutions is thinking about past year. So many beautiful memories come to mind, and I am really grateful for all of it! So what has this year brought to What Sasha Wears? There were moments I was on the edge of quitting, and there were ups that kept me excited like a little child on Christmas morning. In April my blog got a new theme, and completely changed its look. ┬áSeptember was a really bad time for my blog, but somehow I managed to push myself and continue with writing. Later in October I even got myself a new camera, that improved my photos and was a big big big push on for me. Shooting outfits gets easier, and the satisfaction with the results is priceless. In 2015 I am planning to work even harder, post more outfits and push myself to new levels! I will let you with my top 10 outfits of the past year:) And one more is planned to come on Wednesday ­čśë

 Hope you (and your blog if you have one) also had a great year!




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