Hey there! First I want to thank you for the comments on previous post. It really means a lot to see that some of you actually read what I write, and respond to that. I hate when someone just copy pastes comments on every damn blog with a purpose to only leave their link! And doesn’t even take 30 seconds to check out what the post is about. Seriously I often get a comment like:”You look great babe!” on a post written about food, and so on…

Today I prepared insta recap for you (go follow me on @whatsashawears NOW 😛 ). So here is what I’ve been up to this month, lots of fun, great food, sun, rain, happiness, work, training. All in one a great mixture of everything:) I will end this month this weekend with a National Squash Championship, which I’ve been preparing for a lot lately. So important weekend ahead of me 🙂 Wish me luck!




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